Hello! How are you? Thank you for visiting my site, 

A little about myself, I am a proud Queen City Native, growing up in Cincinnati I have made it a point to explore most of my city and the people that fill it with love.

Shortly after graduating with an Associates in Broadcast Media, I completed a photography internship with CityBeat Cincinnati

I have worked closely with them for  4 years.  I currently work for Sinclair owned publication,   Cincinnati Refined. This Lifestyle publication allows me to make the most of Cincinnati! On top of these publications, As of 2020, I began to work as a product photographer for the popular estate business Everything But The House. 

Because I photograph so many subjects and so many venues my prices vary. I always try to be conscious of my prices and am willing to work with a budget. 

Don't be shy! 

Give me a shoutout anytime! I look forward to meeting you!



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